Houston Independent School District, TX

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Houston ISD
Energized for Excellence EL (364)
Young Scholars (371)
Rodriguez Elementary (372)
Seguin Elementary School (373)
Kandy Stripe Academy (378)_deleted
Reagan K-8 Ed Center (382)_deleted
DeAnda Elementary (383)
Hines-Caldwell ES (395)
Ray Daily ES (396)
Community Services_deleted
T. H. Rogers Middle School_deleted
Rice Middle School_deleted
Askew Elementary (274)
Sanchez Elementary (281)
Garcia Elementary (283)
Valley West Elementary (285)
Cage Elementary (287)
Martinez C Elementary (289)
Gallegos Elementary (291)
Milne Elementary (299)_deleted
TSU Charter Lab School (328)
Briarmeadow Charter (344)
School at St George Place (353)_deleted
Laurenzo Early Childhood CTR (357)
Moreno Elementary (359)
Sinclair Elementary (241)
Southmayd Elementary (244)_deleted
Sutton Elementary (248)
Travis Elementary (249)
Wesley Elementary (254)
Wharton K-8 Dual Language (256)
Whidby Elementary (257)
Wilson Montessori (259)
Windsor Village Elementary (260)
Law Elementary (263)
Mitchell Elementary (264)_deleted
Benbrook Elementary (268)
Oak Forest Elementary (211)
Oates Elementary School_deleted
Osborne Elementary School_deleted
Park Place Elementary School_deleted
Patterson Elementary (216)_deleted
Pilgrim Academy_deleted
Piney Point Elementary (219)_deleted
Pleasantville Elementary School_deleted
Port Houston Elementary (222)_deleted
Pugh Elementary School_deleted
Red Elementary (224)_deleted
Reynolds Elementary (225)_deleted
McNamara Elementary (227)_deleted
River Oaks Elementary (228)
Roosevelt Elementary (231)
Rucker Elementary (233)
The Rusk School (234)
Sherman Elementary (240)
Horn Elementary (178)
Isaacs Elementary School_deleted
Janowski Elementary School_deleted
Jefferson Elementary School_deleted
Robinson Elementary School_deleted
Kolter Elementary School_deleted
Lantrip Elementary School_deleted
Longfellow Elementary School_deleted
Looscan Elementary (197)_deleted
Love Elementary (198)_deleted
MacGregor Elementary (201)
Mading Elementary School_deleted
Memorial Elementary School_deleted
Neff ECC (209)_deleted
Northline Elementary (210)_deleted
Alcott Elementary School_deleted
Anderson Elementary (105)_deleted
Bastian Elementary (108)_deleted
Bonham Elementary (111)
Paige Elementary (113)_deleted
Braeburn Elementary School_deleted
Durham Elementary School_deleted
Briargrove Elementary (116)_deleted
Briscoe Elementary School_deleted
Bruce Elementary (121)_deleted
Woodson Elementary School_deleted
Lyons Elementary (128)
Condit Elementary (130)_deleted
Cornelius Elementary School_deleted
Crockett Elementary (135)_deleted
Cunningham Elementary School_deleted
De Chaumes Elementary (137)_deleted
De Zavala Elementary (138)_deleted
Dodson Elementary School
Dogan Elementary (140)_deleted
Durkee Elementary (144)_deleted
Emerson Elementary (149)
Fondren Elementary (153)_deleted
Golfcrest Elementary School_deleted
Gregg Elementary (162)_deleted
J. R. Harris Elementary School (171)_deleted
Harris R P Elementary (167)_deleted
Hartsfield Elementary (168)_deleted
Helms Elementary (170)_deleted
Henderson J P Elementary (171)_deleted
Henderson N Q Elementary (172)_deleted
Highland Heights Elementary School_deleted
Burnet Elementary School_deleted
McGowen Elementary (179)_deleted
Mistral ECC (354)
Peck Elementary (217)_deleted
Elmore Elementary School (475)_deleted
Shadydale Elementary (479)_deleted
SOAR Center_deleted
Sharpstown Middle School
Eliot Elementary (147)
Rice Sch La Escuela (080)
Fonwood ECC (470)
Energized for Excellence ECC (350)
King Early Childhood CTR (355)
Young Learners (392)
Farias ECC (352)
Gross Elementary (369)_deleted
Carrillo Elementary (292)
Tinsley Elementary (374)_deleted
Eastwood Academy (301)_deleted
Kashmere Gardens
Kashmere Gardens Elementary
Fleming Middle School (078)_deleted
Washington BT High School (016)_deleted
Advanced Virtual Academy (462)_deleted
White Elementary
Fondren Middle School (072)_deleted
Thurgood Marshall Elementary
Madison High School (010)_deleted
Harvard Elementary
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